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White Hat IT Security

White Hat IT Security is an EU-based managed security services provider, Security Solution Partner of Microsoft, the only MISA member MSSP of the region and the development partner of Zimperium. Our senior experts all have 10+ years’ experience, hold top-tier offensive and defensive certifications and have EU – NATO “Secret!” level security clearances.

The White Hat MSS offers 24/7 MDR in a remote SOC with a number of additional services that help elevate our Partner’s security: awareness trainings, phishing campaigns, penetration testing and ISMS development, to name a few. Our services range from consulting and vulnerability research (including penetration testing and red teaming exercises) to incident response (be it ransomware or APT), with a comprehensive training portfolio – the key element of which is our own WHCD White Hat Certified Defender training for SOC members and enterprise defence personnel, which was the first comprehensive defensive course outside the US.

Our key focus is managed defense from the entire range of cyber threats: from automated attacked and garden-variety ransomware  to highly sophisticated APT and industrial espionage, which is critical in research-driven sectors like the automotive industry. We have wide-spread experience and prestigious international references in this regard.

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