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Dallara Academy: a new educational center for all Motor Valley students.

The arrival of autumn represents the beginning of a new adventure for Dallara: the inauguration of the Dallara Academy. Real and tangible concretization of the cultural and training project created by the founder and president of the company, Giampaolo Dallara. An innovative structure where you can share and transmit the knowledge of a story born and grown around the passion for racing cars.

The Academy

The new building, designed by architect Alfonso Femia, stands in Varano de 'Melegari, next to the company's factory and houses several themed spaces. The first section is dedicated to schools with educational workshops, where middle and high school students can experiment with the laws of physics, with particular reference to vehicle aerodynamics. A second area hosts the second year of the Master's degree course in Racing Car Design, one of MUNER's six master's degrees.
Finally, a third section houses the historic Dallara cars, an exhibition ramp where with the help of a guide you can admire, among others, the Miura, the X19, cars born in collaboration with the Lancia, the Indycar that they run in the United States.

The words of Giampaolo Dallara

"We want to invest in the growth of knowledge within the Motor Valley", explains Giampaolo Dallara. "Youngsters will have all the structures of the companies available as test benches: Dallara provides the wind tunnel, the driving simulator, the carbon research center, and the state-of-the-art facilities that no university could afford to purchase and make available also a part of the teaching that will be carried out by our managers ".

"There is this incredible opening of the universities of the territory, which have asked to deal with the companies of the Motor Valley, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Toro Rosso, Ducati, Dallara, Magneti Marelli, Haas" - explains the founder and president of 'company. "The companies have understood that this collaboration with the universities could lead to good results, the universities have understood that the best way to train young people was to understand the needs of companies and create a partnership in which everyone wins. The universities will train good professionals, the students will have the opportunity to compare their experiences, the companies will be able to choose youngsters full of enthusiasm”.

An exceptional guest

The living legend Alex Zanardi will be present at the inauguration of the new Academy, who wanted to thank Giampaolo Dallara for having designed and created his Handbike that allowed him to win the gold medal at the last Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro. He did it with a gesture that left everyone moved, giving Giampaolo Dallara that same Olympic medal so hard won.


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