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Canossa team announce its event lineup for 2023

Canossa team announce its event lineup for 2023, dedicated to all the motorheads out there. Glorious landscapes, exquisite foods, great cars, and impeccable hospitality will be the strings that will tie all our experiences, for a memorable year to spend together. The lineup will see events unfold along our three main hubs, providing Canossa’s friends with unforgettable experiences throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

A few of the events on the calendar:

Motor Valley Tour #Modena (April 21-23): a weekend-long road trip on board of one of Canossa’s Abarth 595C Cabriolet. Experience the gifts of the Motor Valley with other like-minded drivers.

Terre di Canossa (April 27-30): is a tour of the thousand-year-old roads of Gran Countess Matilde’s historical lands from her XIth century reign.

Cavallino Classic Modena (May 12-14): is the Concorso d’Eleganza dedicated to Ferraris where proud owners can show off their perfectly renovated car models, on the gorgeous stage of the Motor Valley.

Four Seasons Drive Experience in the Heart of the Alps (June 12-18): the exclusive driving journey between the charming cities of Geneva and Megève, is a great escape across the winding and beautiful roads of the Alps while enjoying the excellent and renowned Four Seasons signature hospitality.

Modena Cento Ore (October 9-14): the perfect mix of sexy cars, gentlemen drivers, competition, breathtaking roads and vistas, food, wine, and relax. Step on the gas and experience the legendary tracks of Vallelunga, Magione and Mugello.

Four Seasons Drive Experience Through Napa Valley (October 29 - November 4): takes participants to explore the enchanting landscapes of Napa Valley while indulging in Four Seasons’ exceptional hospitality.

Cavallino Classic Middle East (November 24-26): the charming Concorso d’Eleganza set in Abu Dhabi, perfectly combining the Italian spirit and the unique style and glamour of the UAE.

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