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Terre di Canossa 2021, the new dates of the 11th edition are confirmed.

The new year just started but the general situation is still unsettled. For these reasons, the team of Canossa Events and Scuderia Tricolore decided to postpone the start of Terre di Canossa by one month. As always, the desire is to get the best from this experience made of sport, motor racing, beauty, tourism and friendship: all elements characterizing our events. The new dates are placed one month before the start of Mille Miglia and consequently Terre di Canossa will be a perfect occasion, for all the crews that will start racing again, for testing their own beautiful cars before the June’s appointments.

The rally as always follows an itinerary of about 600 km and includes 60 timed trials, 6 average speed trials with secret passage checks and 2 special trophies: the Trofeo Forte dei Marmi and the Trofeo Tricolore, for non "professional" drivers, who are always welcome. But the Terre di Canossa is not just a rally. It is primarily a winning combination of fantastic cars and gentlemen drivers who come here from far afield to enjoy this unique opportunity to get a special taste of Italy, combining the adrenaline of the competition with the delights of the best Italian food and wine, and the chance to explore the areas en route.

Let’s restart the engines…



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