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Terre di Canossa 2020: the 10th rally is ready to go.

Even in such unusual and unsettling times as 2020, the team at Canossa Events and Scuderia Tricolore is ready to fire the engines of our passion at the 10th edition of the Terre di Canossa (1-4 October)

Covid-19 has created many organisational headaches and many regular competitors reluctantly had to miss out because of the new restrictions. Despite all this, Canossa Events has chosen to carry on and welcome its friends and fans with its usual style and a clear message: it's time to get back on track, to get up and running again, to get back to our lives and our passions, like the passion for our vintage cars that have been waiting patiently in garages for months on end, in the hope of seeing sunlight again before winter.

Terre di Canossa is ready to go, obviously with the utmost attention to the safety of the crews, who we look forward to welcoming with our usual smile, even if it will be hidden by a face mask, as required by the health and safety protocol.

The 10th edition

The 2020 edition is celebrating an important milestone and so Canossa decided to mark the event with a medieval theme focusing on Matilda of Canossa, who was Queen of Italy in the 12th century. Everything was dedicated to her from the start, with the event highlights taking place in some fascinating historic locations.

The competitors will experience a taste of Medieval splendour and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages at the gala evening in the splendid setting of Tabiano Castle, built at the turn of the 11th century, at lunch on Friday at Filattiera Castle, built between the 12th and 13th centuries by the Malaspina family, and at the finishing line overlooked by the 12th century Rocca del Boiardo fortress.

This year, the rally follows an itinerary of about 650 km and includes around fifty timed trials, four average speed trials with secret passage checks and two special trophies: the Trofeo Forte dei Marmi and the Trofeo Tricolore for non "professional" drivers, who are always welcome. But the Terre di Canossa is not just a rally. It is primarily a winning combination of fantastic cars and gentlemen drivers who come here from far afield to enjoy this unique opportunity to get a special taste of Italy, combining the adrenalin of the competition with the delights of the best Italian food and wine, and the chance to explore the areas en route.

We can confirm some of the most popular ingredients in previous years have been included in this tenth edition: the departure from the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Salsomaggiore Terme, the road crossing the Cinque Terre with its scenic views of the sea, and the drive through Lucca city centre and across its ancient city walls, welcomed by flag bearers in medieval dress.

The two, highly-coveted trophies for non "professional" drivers are also back, along with the "Pre-War Cup" for pre-war cars, and the all-essential sundowner beach party at Forte dei Marmi, the pearl of Versilia. Another welcome comeback is the Naval Base at La Spezia thanks to the hospitality of the Italian Navy which always extends a warm welcome to the participants of the Terre di Canossa.

The organisers have also included lots of new elements to keep things interesting for regular competitors. These include the inaugural evening and lunch on Friday at two lovely medieval castles, the challenge of crossing Cisa Pass and driving through San Rossore Presidential Estate.

The race will end at Scandiano in the province of Reggio Emilia. Here, for the first time, drivers will compete to win the Trofeo Tricolore on roads climbing up through the hills, taking the crews to their last lunch location with a panoramic terrace overlooking the vast flat lands of Emilia below

A Green event

The organisers have reconfirmed their eco-friendly outlook by deciding once again to implement a CarbonZero protocol this year, requiring measures to be employed that can help reduce the impact on the environment, calculating the residual emissions of climatealtering gases. These emissions are then entirely compensated by planting trees in the Tuscan Emilian Apennine Mountains.

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