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Chiara Lovato: engineer-influencer with a passion for Ducati.

Very often, it’s passion that drives our actions: a feeling that leads to great adventures and new challenges. A life lived to the fullest. Case in point? Adrenaline-filled experiences on-board a Ducati, shared with your thousands of social media followers.

For Chiara Lovato, influencer and engineer for Ducati, a company that has always been close to her heart, there’s no time better spent than on two wheels. A life lived full throttle, giving an entire community of Ducati fans a weekly insight into her riding feats. We had the pleasure of chatting with Chiara and getting to know her a little better.

When you hear the word “speed”, what first springs to mind?

I think of a Panigale speeding around the Misano track! I guess it’s a bit of dream for any rider with a passion for bikes, right?

Track, road trip or off-road adventure: if you had to choose one experience, which would it be and why?

It’s a difficult choice, as the wonderful thing about motorbikes is precisely the fact that there are so many different experiences to be had. But if I had to choose one, it would be track. Although I actually mostly ride on the road, my dream is to spend more time on the track. The adrenaline I get from riding around a circuit is something else.

Whether it’s a loop around the track, a carefully planned excursion or a quick outing.. What’s your most memorable two-wheel experience?

The one experience I’ll never forget is the first time my knee touched the ground. It was my second time on a race track, and I’d been riding for a year and a half. I was on the new Ducati Monster and after 3 laps I felt my knee pad graze the asphalt: my heart exploded with joy. Touching the ground with my knee was a dream that I didn’t think I’d ever achieve so early on. I’ve still got that knee pad on my bedside table as a reminder of one of the most exciting days of my life.

So, Ducati: can you tell us a bit about how you feel when you’re on one?

For me, Ducati represents the epitome of beauty and performance in the riding world. Ducati isn’t just about motorbikes, but a passion for the Borgo Panigale Reds and a whole world of Ducatisti who are in love with the brand.

What model do you like most and what bike do you have in your garage?

My first motorbike was a Monster, which saw me take my first steps into street riding. However, although I loved it, my dream was to ride on the track. And so I chose the SuperSport as my second motorcycle, edging my way towards the supersport world: it’s half way between a naked bike and a supersport model, thanks to its raised clip-on handlebars and its sporty — but not extreme — set-up. One day, my dream is to have two bikes: a Monster for road riding, and a Panigale for the track.

If something makes you see red, instead of counting to 10, where do you jump on your bike and take off to?

I’m lucky to live in Bologna, and the wonderful thing about this city is that in five minutes you can get from the historic centre to the winding hills. So, the answer to your question is simple: instead of counting to 10, I jump on my bike and enjoy the winding bends and spectacular countryside that Bologna has to offer.

What riding experience are you yet to enjoy that you dream of adding to your list in the future?

Riding the Misano circuit on a Panigale. It’s a dream that I can only hope to achieve if I continue to work on my riding skills. More than a dream, it’s a goal for me: I know I’m capable, I just need to continue cultivating my passion for bikes and keep on growing as a rider. I’ve already raced on the Misano track with my SuperSport. The next step is to take on this wonderful circuit on what in my opinion is the most beautiful supersports bike ever produced.

If you had to define the Motor Valley in just one word, what would it be?

It’s difficult to define the Motor Valley with just one adjective. For me it’s synonymous with “Italianness”, design, performance and passion. Living in a region where motorbikes are so important, both in terms of their production and in terms of passion, is a huge source of pride for anyone who lives here. My passion for bikes came about at a young age. I’ve always loved Italian design, and I got my young-persons “patentino” license as soon as I could, then my driving license at 18 and finally my A motorcycle license. Being able to ride an Italian motorbike produced just a few kilometres from where I was born is an honour.

The life of an influencer: when did you realise that you could combine work and play to grow your community?

I have never used social media with the aim of earning a living: my goal has always been to share my passion and my achievements. Curating my Instagram profile has opened the door to incredible experiences and has enabled me to meet so many other like-minded passionate individuals.

Is it difficult to balance this with your day job?

I’ve never found balancing my social media presence and my passion for motorbikes with my day job difficult. Whilst I was finishing my engineering studies, I saw an internship come up on the Ducati site, and I immediately submitted my CV. I had just bought my Monster and securing that position was a dream come true. Working for Ducati not only helped nurture my passion, but it also gave me so many unique experiences in the world of motorbikes.

Riding alone or in company, what do you prefer?

I’m someone who loves being in the company of others. When I first started, I didn’t know any other female motorcyclists, and I was worried I wouldn’t find any. Thanks to social media, I’ve met so many passionate girls just like me. I’ve connected with some of them so much so that they’ve become my best friends. Lots of people say that riding is a solo sport, but not for me. How amazing is it to reach the summit of a mountain pass and be able to take in the view with your friends? Or to talk about the hairpin bends you’ve just accomplished, to spur each other on as you race around the track, and congratulate each other as you get better and better? For me, being able to share the ride with your friends is maybe one of the most wonderful things about this sport!

Is there anything else, aside from motorbikes, that gives you the same feeling?

It’s difficult to say. I have so many passions, and I’ve tried so many sports in my life, but the sense of freedom and adrenaline that riding gives me is unique. Motorbikes are part of a wonderful world full of experiences, happiness, new friendships, adventures and much more. When I started riding, my life definitely changed for the better.



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