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Stephan Winkelmann returns to the Lamborghini board

After having been President and CEO of Lamborghini from 2005 to 2016, Stephan Winkelmann officially returns to the board of the Toro from next December 1st, maintaining the position of President for Bugatti.

Winkelmann has always been one of the most important figures for Lamborghini: he defined the rise of the company by working on the identity and strategy of the brand, decisively marking its history. Proud and ready for this new challenge that sees him at the helm of two very important brands, he promises news for both.

On this same day, the new Lamborghini Huracan STO was presented. Homologated for road use with rear-wheel drive, it features a naturally aspirated V10 with 640 hp with 565 Nm and reaches 310 km/h.

The main features of this super sports car are aerodynamics, derived from motorsport and the use of lightweight materials, which have led to a significant reduction in weight.

The car has 3 different driving modes for every type of road and weather condition, in order to maintain optimal performance in every situation in safety. The interior expresses the sporty and luxurious soul of the car. The upholstery is in lightweight Alcantara and there is a titanium rear arch with four-point seat belts. A customization program is obviously available for every technical detail of the car.


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