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Museo Enzo Ferrari

The MEF is not just a museum but an enthralling and exhilarating experience, thanks to a mix of unique ingredients. In the futuristic 2,500-square-metre-plus pavilion, visitors not only get to admire the cars on display but also enjoy an captivating immersive video experience that tells the magical story of Enzo Ferrari’s nine decades, spanning his childhood, his discovery of racing at the start of the 20th century, his years as driver, as the brain behind the Scuderia and then as a constructor and the triumphs that brought.

In addition to that incredibly moving experience, Enzo’s father’s former workshop has been meticulously restored. The area is divided into five sections: smaller 1 to 6-cylinders, classic 12-cylinders, 8-cylinders, turbos, and, lastly, Formula 1 engines.


On Friday, May 12, Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14, the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena (MEF) will be open from 9:30 a.m. until 7 p.m., and with the entrance ticket will be included the delivery to all visitors of a small gift related to the “Game Changer” exhibition. During the three days, it will also be possible to enjoy free guided tours subject to availability at the following times: 10 a.m.; 3 p.m. in Italian and 11 a.m.; 4 p.m. in English.
The “Inclusivity Project” will also be launched at the Motor Valley Fest, which provides a series of services aimed at people with disabilities: remote virtual tours to enable people with motor disabilities to visit the museum directly from home by independently guiding a robotic device equipped with an audio-video system (subject to availability), and free guided tours in sign language – LIS (subject to availability) will be organized at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


In the forecourt in front of the entrance to the MEF, a number of the Ferraris in the range will be on display; among them are the cars unveiled in 2022, namely Ferrari Purosangue and the 296 GTS; inside the museum, for the duration of the Fest there will be a display dedicated to the memory of Mauro Forghieri, one of the most significant figures in Ferrari’s history.


Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace will also be the location of an engaging itinerary that tells the story of what Ferrari has always considered the most important part of each of its cars: the engine. An exhibition space that traces a selection of the most significant powertrains, with three main areas dedicated to these categories: that of the classic 12-cylinder engines; that of the V8s; and, finally, that of Formula 1. An exemplary Ferrari car for each type of powertrain will also be on display in each of the three areas.

Museum visitors can also take advantage of the free round-trip shuttle to Maranello, subject to availability, to complete their visit to the Ferrari Museum. Families with children first-12 years old will be treated to a treasure hunt on the theme of the current exhibitions at the museum as a free activity.

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