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Ferrari Portofino M, the Maranello spider is now "Modificata"

Ferrari Portofino M: today the new Ferrari evolution of the Portofino, the spider GT 2+ from Maranello, was presented. M as "Modificata", which in the Ferrari nomenclature means "updated" or "evolved". Existing brand customers were able to access a web platform containing exclusive videos, concepts and technical content of the new car.

There are several technical innovations introduced by the update: the renewed powertrain, the new eight-speed gearbox and the five-position Manettino with “Race” mode, already seen on the F8 Tributo and SF90. Thanks to these improvements, the new Cavallino is able to guarantee the performance, agility and driving pleasure of a true GT.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the Portofino M is the first car presented following the company closure period, due to the spread of Covid-19: it is therefore a symbol of rebirth for the company.

The compact dimensions make it suitable for any type of situation and context: great comfort and versatility make every trip on board exciting.



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