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Motor Valley Activity

"Science and technology for a safe car" Workshop

Modena Circuit

Description of the workshop

The workshop, curated by Achille Lodovisi and Alex Scardina, provides the study and design of a safe car model, through the experience gained with a car-laboratory at the racetrack itself, the KTM-X BOW, made with high profile precautionary construction methods that ensure excellent aerodynamic efficiency combined with the use of new cutting-edge materials.

During the workshop a series of simple measurements will be carried out directly in the car-workshop and pariticpants will also have the opportunity to sit in on demonstrations on the track to evaluate the aerodynamic flow using tracers.

A more simplified version of the workshop is also available for high school students.

Through concrete examples, simple exercises, direct experiments and a final contest, topics related to technology, technology and energy of a car will be dealt with in relation to safety. The participants, divided into groups, will be able to design a safe car model and discover its functionality in real time.

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