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A Lamborghini Sian made by Lego.

In advance with a first teaser in January here comes the Lamborghini Sian from Lego. A new Lego Technic set consisting of 3,696 colored bricks, for a faithful 1: 8 scale replica of the hypercar of Sant'Agata Bolognese. The most powerful Lambo in history is thus joined to an ever richer group of Lego sets composed from other super sports. 60 cm long, 13 cm high and 25 cm wide, the Lego Lamborghini Sian is available online from June 1st and - like the sisters recreated in colored bricks - takes up all the main characteristics of the real Sian.

From the working V12 engine (no, you can't put petrol in it) with the pistons to run up and down, to the doors with scissor opening, passing through the self-propelled rear wing passing through the cockpit recreated to perfection, complete with gearbox controls. 8 reports, also functional.

A particular gem is represented by the front hood, naturally openable, in which a small bag (made in Lego) is hidden which holds a code to be inserted in a dedicated section of the Lego website (reachable by scanning the QR code in the instructions). This will allow you to unlock special content, such as videos in which the experts Lamborghini and Lego illustrate how the model was born.


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