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Motor Valley virtual tour: visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The Motor Valley virtual tour stops in the centre of Modena at the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

During the recent Motor Valley Fest Digital, we had the opportunity to visit in a privileged way the spectacular museums of the Motor Valley. Among them the place that tells the exploits of Enzo Ferrari's genius in what was his first workshop and that today we can visit next to a beautiful architectural structure.

Visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum

The one dedicated to Enzo Ferrari is not only a museum, but an engaging and exciting show where unique ingredients are mixed together. In the futuristic pavilion of over 2500 square meters, in addition to admiring the cars on display, there is a show that tells, through a fascinating film, the magical story of the 90 years of Enzo Ferrari's life.

From the child, who discovered racing at the beginning of the 20th century, to the driver, from the Scuderia's animator to the manufacturer and his triumphs. This dive into emotion is accompanied by the Ferrari Motors Museum, located in Enzo's perfectly restored father's workshop. A history within history that emphasizes Ferrari's uniqueness.

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