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Motor Valley virtual tour: visit the Dallara Academy.

The Motor Valley Virtual Tour continues. From the Horacio Pagani Museum of San Cesario sul Panaro we move to Varano de' Melegari (PR), where the virtual visit to the Dallara Academy awaits us. 

During the recent Motor Valley Fest Digital, we had the opportunity to visit in a privileged way the spectacular museums of the Motor Valley, including the Dallara Academy, desired by Engineer Giampaolo Dallara, a place with a polyvalent soul strongly focused on themes dear to the company: the link with the territory, technology and training.

Visit the Dallara Academy

The exhibition area is a winding ramp that connects the two floors of the Dallara Academy. The exhibition area will be always open and available for guests, both single visitors and groups, with the chance to be accompanied by a Dallara guide.

To discover all the museums in Motor Valley through our virtual tours, enter Motor Valley TV.


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