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Formula SAE Italy 2022: over 1,700 students from universities around the world.

With the closing ceremony at 20.30 yesterday, the 17th edition of Formula SAE Italy - the international educational event organised by ANFIA in partnership with SAE International and the 'R. Paletti' Circuit of Varano de' Melegari and the assistance of the main sponsor, ALTEN, drew to a close. The event was attended by about 1,700 students from eighteen countries (India being the farthest). A total of sixty-four teams competed, of which fifty-four were European, with 20 Italians from fifteen different universities and ten from outside Europe.

In the Motor Valley the show of the Formula SAE Italy 2022



The podium in Class 1C (internal combustion cars) was topped by Rennstall Esslingen of UAS Esslingen, scoring high marks in all events. They won both the Design and Cost Events as well as the Endurance and Autocross in Class 1C, thanks to the use of a fan. a solution already seen in F1 in the past, and an agile car that was particularly at home in the more winding parts of the tracks. In second place was FaSTDa Racing Combustion from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, which presented a more conventional but good car. The team took second place in Autocross and Endurance, and in third place was the Unical Reparto Corse team from the University of Calabria, with a well-balanced car that the drivers drove well.

In Class 1E (electric cars)
, FS Team Tallinn of Tallinn UT/UAS triumphed. They had good performances in the dynamic tests, particularly in the Endurance, where they won, and with first place in the Design Event - while second place went to BRS Motorsport of Hochschule Bonn-RheinSieg, runners-up in Endurance 1E and first place in the Autocross. Third place went to the ARUSe team from the University of Seville, with a good placing in the dynamic tests and victory in the Business Presentation Event.

In Class 3 (presentation of the car's design only)
, the Firenze Race Team from the University of Florence took the top spot, followed in second place by Formula Student FEUP from the University of Porto and in third place by the AAM Driverless Racing Team of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

In Class 1D (Driverless), the first prize went to FS Team Tallinn Driverless from Tallinn UT/UAS. In the dynamic tests, the team had a bit of bad luck and, possibly due to some mistakes, the car also went off the track, but the overall performance was good, as demonstrated particularly with first place in the trackdrive test. Here there is the potential to become a top team in the future. Second place went to UniNa Corse - Squadra Corse Federico II of Naples, the only car among the three on the podium to use a combustion engine. This choice made the driverless challenge more complicated than the electric motor and, therefore, no mean feat to receive this award. In third place, finally, was Squadra Corse Polito DRIVERLESS from the Polytechnic University of Turin, with their first venture with driverless. Despite not having completed any dynamic tests, the validity of the project, which was awarded in the static events (first place in Class 1D in the Cost Event, third in the Design Event and Business Presentation Event), bodes well for participation in future editions.


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