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Master Maserati

Autodromo di Varano


Enter the cockpit, grip the steering wheel and prepare to overtake your limits. Experience the sensation of driving the most powerful Maserati sports cars in their natural habitat: the circuit. You know they can blaze past 100km/h in 3 seconds, but now it’s your turn to master the art of speed. Achieve maximum acceleration and grip from the start line, in and out of every corner. See what racing-engineered braking is meant to feel like, and let our professionals teach you all the secrets to becoming a true Maserati Master.


The Maserati Driving Experience offers the opportunity to drive the most powerful Maserati models: the GranTurismo Trofeo and the MC20, both equipped with the 3-liter twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine, featuring 550 HP and 630 HP respectively. Both cars ensure that participants enjoy a fun, adrenaline-pumping event without equal.



Varano de' Melegari circuit

The Varano de’ Melegari circuit, located near Parma in Italy, has been the home of the Master Maserati Driving Experience for years. The facility has a very technical and demanding layout, 2,350m long, with 14 turns covering almost all types of cornering. The sequences of low and medium speed bends, straights, chicanes and the challenging Parabolica hairpin are perfect for learning the basics of motor racing technique.

Autodromo di Modena

The Autodromo di Modena circuit, located just a few kilometers outside of Modena’s city center, has been added to offer a convenient alternative, combining the track experience with the possibility of visiting the Maserati factory, home of the MC20. Inaugurated in 2011, the circuit features 11 corners and a total length of 2,007m, with two possible layouts. The standard configuration is the perfect track for testing the handling and cornering performance of any sports car.


Anyone who participates in a Master Maserati course has to be passionate about Maserati – a requisite that applies not only to our clients but to our instructors, as well. Their commitment to the brand is total and their aim is to deliver only the best.

The courses are managed by drivers experienced at an international level in elite motor sports series including single seater competitions, GT cars and rally international championships.

The close-knit, professional and highly motivated team is led by motor racing legend, Andrea de Adamich: “Our instructors are all from the track or rallying, as only true competitors can teach how to correctly and safely exploit such fast and powerful cars.”

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An immersive journey into the world of Maserati. Spend half a day on the track with all the excitement of driving the two most powerful Maserati models on a racing circuit. In this course you will learn to call the racetrack home, experience a GT Race Simulation, be guided through the historic Maserati car collection and be given a factory tour to see how the MC20 is brought to life.

On the circuit, you’ll experience the cutting-edge performance of the GranTurismo Trofeo and MC20 models – both powered by the incredible V6 Nettuno engine. With the support of our professional team of instructors, you’ll learn how to master the car and enhance your driving skills in a safe, structured environment.

The GT Race Simulation aboard the MC20 super sports car driven in Race mode by professional drivers, will have your adrenaline rushing and top off your day on the track.


Spend half a day on the track in this course and experience the excitement of driving the two most powerful Maserati models around a motor racing circuit.

The journey will be a fascinating one, where you will be given personal insight and learn the secrets of racetrack driving through the cutting-edge performance of the GranTurismo Trofeo and the MC20 – both powered by the V6 Nettuno engine.

With the support of a professional team of instructors, you will learn how to master the car and enhance your driving skills in a safe and structured environment. The GT Race Simulation on board the MC20 super sports car driven in race mode by professional drivers, will boost your adrenaline and top off your day on track.


The most advanced Master Maserati Experience with the most powerful Maserati lineup ever. This exhilarating full-day course has been designed for drivers who want to take their technical skills and confidence to new heights. The course includes both theory and multiple driving sessions with Maserati’s top-performing models. Both the 550-HP GranTurismo Trofeo and 630-HP MC20 super sports car are powered by the revolutionary, 3-liter, twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine.

Throughout the day, our team of professional instructors will work closely with you to analyze your performance. They will review driving parameters such as steering angle, braking pressure, gear shift patterns and throttle use, to help you advance across the board. By the end of the day, you’ll be amazed to see how much your driving has improved and how the gap between your actual lap and ideal lap has shrunk. This day-long training program climaxes in two challenges: the drag racing contest, where participants compete side by side along the main straight of the circuit in an acceleration test; and the GT race simulation to live the thrill of a GT competition as co-drivers on board the MC20.

At the end of a riveting day on the track, drivers with the best rankings will receive awards during a closing ceremony, rounding out the experience with one final rush of emotion.


A Maserati Driving Course is an exclusive and thrilling experience. The adrenaline levels and teamwork emanating from a day at the circuit create the perfect conditions for a successful incentive-based event.

Participants will enjoy driving Maserati’s most powerful models such as the new GranTurismo Trofeo and the sensational MC20 super sports car. We are always available to put together personalized courses specifically tailored to the requirements and objectives of your company, team or VIP clients – from the very basics of racetrack driving to sophisticated mastery programs.

The experience is not just confined to driving on the racetrack. Driving activities can be combined with collateral programs and activities, such as local gastronomic experiences, private visits to the Classic Cars Panini Motor Museum or a Maserati factory tour in Modena.

The incentive programs can be arranged to suit group sizes ranging from ten to thirty with a variety of extra services: customization of the hospitality area, hotel reservations and airport transfers.

To start creating your tailor-made course, please contact us at or speak with our Master Maserati Driving Experience team directly: +39 0525 551138.

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