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Ferrara owes its charm to the House of Este, which ruled over the city for 300 years (1200-1598), turning it into one of the most spectacular Renaissance city in Europe. Boasting medieval alleys like the Via delle Volte, stunning palaces like Palazzo dei Diamanti, green areas and cycling lanes, Ferrara is still as beautiful today, so much so that it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The moated Estense Castle towers over the city; in 1502, the Cathedral became a wedding venue when Lucrezia Borgia married Alfonso I d’Este, Duke of Ferrara; last but not least, the surrounding area is dotted with the so-called Delizie, i.e. the summer residences of the House of Este. From the dock you can go up the Po river and then reach the sea, until you see the Gorino Lighthouse. Now you find yourself in the Po Delta Park protected area: the municipality of Comacchio, the “capital city” of the Po delta, is also known as the “little Venice” because of its canals and monumental bridges. The province of Ferrara also offers beaches, seaside towns and fresh fish markets, where you will have a chance to taste eels and coppia ferrarese, Ferrara’s PGI bread.