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Collezione Guzzi Brunelli

Bruno Nigelli’s private collection was born out of his passion for mechanics, consisting of over 300 motorcycles, with vintage pieces that tell this story of this sector in Bologna, which with its 85 companies has a unique concentration of motorcycles worldwide.

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Bruno Nigelli collection is located in Via Giuseppe Venturi, 3
40050 Monte San Pietro BO

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The collections

“Highlights” included in the collection:

  • The twin-shaft Morini 250 cm3 with which Tarquinio Provini obtained great results against the Japanese 4-cylinder,

    A Ducati Marianna,

  • The Mondial 250 cm3 bialbero made with original pieces exact copy of the one that Cecil Sandford won with at the world championship.
  • Tourism, the Ducati Cruiser, a G: D and an Dall’olio.
  • In a room next to the “Bolognese” motorcycles there is a collection of 20 foreign bikes.

The exhibition is completed by a collection of “horns” from every era, from the trumpets of the films of Ollio and Stanlio, to the marine sirens to the modern pneumatic horns.
In addition to the bikes there is also a collection of 250 Italian and foreign motorcycle engines.