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Collezione Battilani

The Benito and Renzo Battilani Collection brings together many vintage motorbikes produced both in Italy and abroad between the early 1900s and 1945.

The collection follows the evolution of motorbikes, from the “evolved motorbikes” to the first motorbike ridden by Loris Capirossi.

The collection presents an opportunity to discover the history of the people that have driven these motorbikes, from Vittorio Sambri, the first woman to participate in competitive motorbike racing, to Umberto Faraglia, that rode the first Harley Davidson in the 20s and broke the first 175kph record on the road from Rome to Ostia

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Battilani collection is located in Imola, via Poiano 1/b.

Booking required on +39 0542 640961
Groups allowed.
Guided tours available in French, German and English.
Free entry.
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The collection

There are various 4 cylinder motorbikes in the collection from the FN of 1905 to others from the 20s-40s.

There are many Italian motorcycles included in the collection, such as Frera bikes, one of the most important brands until the early 30s, before the growth in popularity of Moto Guzzi and Gilera.

Among these, the Frera S 8/10 Hp 1140 cm3 from 1921.

There are also other less known bikes, such as:

  • Pennazio
  • The Ollearo
  • The GC (Giovanni Corengia)
  • The Condor with sidecar from 1924

There are also unique models such as:

  • The Gardini of Forlì
  • The Junior
  • The Tourism Garelli 350 cm3 of 1926 (one of the fastest motorcycles of the 20s)
  • The rare Indian Mod. “O” from 1917.

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