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Motor Valley Activity

Francesco Baracca Museum guided tour

Francesco Baracca Museum

The Francesco Baracca Museum aims to spread the acquired knowledge, with particular reference to the historical-military, artistic and cultural heritage present in its collections.

A depository of a collection that documents historical and technical heritage centered around the figure of Baracca and on aviation, especially in the context of the First World War. Tthe Museum is also a place for education and communication of historical, technical and scientific culture for adults and children alike.

Guided tours

  • Guided tours with schools to the permanent collection (free, by reservation)
  • Guided thematic tours with schools (free, by reservation)
  • Guided visits to the permanent collection for groups of adults (paid, by reservation)
  • Consultation and information on the Enrico Baldini Fund
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Activity details

Francesco Baracca Museum, Lugo (Ravenna)
Open Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday.
From 10.00 to 12.00 From 16.00 to 18.00
Closure on 1 January, 15 May, 2° and 3° week of August and from 25 to 31 December.
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