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Founded in 2017, Vins srl manufactures two-stroke state-of-the-art motorcycles, shaped by the aerodynamic and characterized by several patented solutions. Vins is a young counter-current reality devoted to innovation and lightness with the aim of bringing back to the top the beloved two-stroke racing motorcycle.

Excellence of the Motor Valley, based in Maranello, Vins is able to integrate the highest quality Italian manufacturing with the latest technologies for a limited edition luxury product.

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Tribute to lightness and innovation

“Simplify, then add lightness”
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Vins philosophy comes to life from the words of Colin Champman “simplify, then add lightness” and is faithfully reflected in an ultralight carbon fiber motorcycle, entirely handmade, where craftsmanship meets the most advanced technological solutions.

The most significant are: the innovative 2-stroke electronic injection engine, the suspension system with double A-arm layout and parallel double actuation system, the carbon fiber frame with integrated front node and the aerodynamic study that exploits the unprecedented position of the radiator.

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Sustainability is a theme particularly felt by Vins, always looking for new solutions and renewable energies to produce and design their components. On the wave of innovation, Vins also comes into the field in the electric market with a super-light proposal.

Thanks to the engineering department, Vins constantly offers advices to relevant brands in the two and four-wheel sectors, as well as always looking for new challenges and new solutions.

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The factory

Vins presents itself as a modern “atelier” capable of realizing a product of tailor-made quality, following each customer’s request. Making use of the skills of its staff, Vins is able to comply with the highest quality manufacturing “made in Italy “ standards, using methodologies from true “modern craftsmen”.

This goal is achieved thanks to the following and carefully executing the entire production process. From here the modern two-wheel sculptures come to life, with attention to every detail from design to final assembly and testing. Synergy and passion characterize a young team of professionals that highlights, with an average under 30, the desire to create, design and think out of the box in a dynamic and co-working environment..

The atelier


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