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Museum of Industrial Heritage

The Museum – located along the Navile Canal in the renovated premises of a brick kiln from the second half of the 19th century – studies, documents, visualises and disseminates the economic and productive history of Bologna and its territory from the late Middle Ages to the present day.

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The Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Museum of Industrial Heritage) is located in Bologna at the former Galotti Furnace in via della Beverara, 123.
Check the opening hours and ticket prices in the information section below.

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The exhibition

Divided into five sections, the permanent exhibition covers approximately 3,500 m² on three floors and five routes. On the ground floor, in the Hoffmann kiln, the collections of scientific instruments, models and machinery that belonged to the Aldini Valeriani Institution, the first Bolognese technical school founded in 1844, are kept. Around the kiln, there is the section dedicated to the Galotti kiln and the production of bricks and a second centered on the packaging sector with significant machinery and prototypes from the 1950s-1980s.

On the second floor, five centuries of Bolognese manufacturing excellence are illustrated: from the ancient silk production that exploited a sophisticated distribution network of the waters used as driving force and navigation route outside the city, to the industrial production of motors, mechanics and mechatronics in the 20th century.

Finally, on the intermediate floor there are locations: classrooms, an auditorium, a space for temporary exhibitions and the laboratory space dedicated to “The factory of the future”.

Opening hours

For timetables, it is advisable to visit the official page of the Museum.

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Ticket cost 5 euros; for reductions consult the official website of the museum.

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