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Moto Parilla

In 2017, in the flourishing lands between Modena and Reggio Emilia, Moto Parilla came to life, a symbol of elegance and innovation in the famous Motor Valley.

This area, known for being the forge of two-wheeled masterpieces and excellent engines, saw the birth of an ambitious project destined to redefine the concept of e-bike: Moto Parilla.

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The perfect blend of past and future

The name Moto Parilla recalls the golden era of motorcycles, when the brand emerged as a symbol of daring in the 1940s and 1960s.

Innovation and futuristic aesthetics characterize each individual unit of the company.

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Our mission

At the heart of the two-wheeled revolution, Moto Parilla emerges as an icon of success, based on three fundamental pillars: the adoption of the most innovative technologies, cutting-edge creativity, and a strong architectural value; all enhanced by a design focused on performance and imbued with sophistication. In a world where time and space play a crucial role, Moto Parilla's goal is to create a luxury product without temporal and geographical limits.