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Founded in 2006 in Calderara di Reno (Bologna), Mechinno srl combines mechanics and innovation, with the aim to offer a customized and comprehensive engineering and design consulting service. The company’s name, born from the union of the words mechanical and innovation, summarizes the company’s goal: combining innovation with mechanics in a market that requires a product’s design with a high standard of quality and characterized by increasingly advanced technologies.

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The technical and high-level skills of Mechinno’s employees find application in three areas: Engineering, Prototyping & Testing, PLM & CAD/CAE/CAM Services.

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Mechinno provides customers with a long experience in delivering engineering and design services that exceed their expectations. The company’s goal is to satisfy the customer’s requirements and needs.


Mechinno supports the customer in every stage, showing a true interest in the people who approach the company. This value is in addition to the other ones that characterize Mechinno’s DNA: innovation, reliability, flexibility.


In order to best support customers’ demands, Mechinno has developed three different approaches that vary according to the activity required: On Site, In House, Turn Key Project.