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From road safety courses to drifting, from circuit driving to the difficulties of icy tracks, GuidarePilotare offers a range of courses to suit every need.

A fleet of excellent BMW cars updated annually, more than 40 professional instructors, the use of cutting-edge technology such as Eye Tracking, and a driving simulator complete a specific training proposal on every subject of safe and sporty driving. Thanks also to BMW Italy’s SpecialMente project, all GuidarePilotare courses are accessible to people with disabilities, with a dedicated car equipped by GuidoSimplex.

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GuidarePilotare was founded as a safe driving school in 1982-the first in Italy. Since 1999 it has been conducting courses with motorcycles and, since 2005, with industrial and commercial vehicles. Since 2009 it also becomes an official school of DAF; since 2014 it has been running the BMW Driving Experience.

GuidarePilotare’s experience and scope of training intervention encompasses and develops knowledge of all elements that contribute to safety: man, vehicle and environment. GuidarePilotare is ISO9001:2015 certified by the CSQ certifying body.

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The school’s headquarters is inside the Misano World Circuit (RN), the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences thanks to its 3 tracks: 4.2 km International Track; Clay Flat Track Arena; and Safe Driving and Handling Center, an equipped and multifunctional area to replicate all road hazard situations.

GuidarePilotare is also itinerant, meaning it travels throughout Italy (even abroad) to racetracks and safe driving centers or facilities suitable for hosting activities related to road safety.

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