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Collezione Vespa Mauro Pascoli

Used, scratched, and timeworn Vespas, that bear the signs of wear and use, but that are still working and loved, are on display.

This is the Mauro Pascoli Vespa Collection, founded in Ravenna on the 10th May 2008. A place where the most beautiful pieces are the ones with the most history, with visible signs of the distance driven, and scars from the past. With this new collection, Mauro Pascoli has been able to involve not just the Vespa family, but also many Vespa owners who spontaneously offered material used for the set of the museum.

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La “Collezione Vespa Mauro Pascoli” is located in Ravenna, in via Faentina 175/A (Fornace Zarattini).

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 13:00pm and 2:00pm – 5pm.
Monday and Friday booking required on +39 0544 502078.
Closed on public holidays and during times indicated on the website.
For extra hours visits please visit the website.
Booking recommended for groups.
Free entry.

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The Collection

The collection is spread over two floors, 500 meters wide and includes:

  • 150 vehicles including Vespa, Ape, mopeds, marine engines,
  • over 1,500 including posters, posters, photographs, posters, calendars,
  • 1,000 plaques for participation in rallies, 300 trophies and regular competitions cups,
  • 300 models, 30 toy Vespa and a large variety of original accessories made from 1946 to today.

The documentation is also impressive: 200 catalogs of spare and manual parts, 200 use and maintenance booklets.