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Collezione Nello Salsapariglia

The Salsapariglia Collection presents a fantastic opportunity for visitors to admire motorbikes, bicycles, tractors, motors, radios and gramophones from the 19th and 20th century with their own eyes. A solid display of man-made creations that spans over 100 years.

The Collection is made up of splendid, unique pieces including 150 classic motorbikes dating back from 1898 onwards, 100 industrial and agricultural machines from the 1900s, 100 gramophones, phonographs and classic radios from the 1900s, antique bicycles, Lesa tractors as well as Sabart chainsaws.

The collection is also enriched with antique photographs, yet another witness to times gone by.

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Salsapariglia collection is located at Pieve Rossa di Bagnolo in Piano, provincia di Reggio Emilia.

Sunday only 10am – 12.30pm and 4pm – 6.30pm.
On public holidays booking required on:

  • 335 6764656 – Ivano Salsapariglia
  • 340 3479504 – Alan Salsapariglia


Entry (€8 per person, group of 10+ people €6) free for children under 10 years.

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