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Autodromo di Modena

The Modena racetrack was founded in 2011. 2km long and with 11 curves, it measures 12 meters of constant width. In 2012, it signed a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of the Environment and Territory and Sea Protection for the promotion of joint projects aimed at analyzing, reducing and neutralizing the impact on climate deriving from management procedures of the structures. Together with Lamborghini and Dallara, also signatories of an agreement with the dicastery, the structure in Modena is located in Italy as proof of its comittment to reducing greenhouse gases, even in the motoring world.
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Emotions on the track

Experience the thrill of speed in a completely safe environment. Try the driving experience of a real supercar
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The Green Circuit

The interest from those who manage the Modena racetrack towards the issue of environmental sustainability was already a strong point when the business started. The goal is to improve mobility, an objective that is realized by organizing non-motor sports events (cycling, running, handbike, rollerball), an eco-marathon of zero emission vehicles and green driving courses to learn how to get around fuel consumption. The structure has also become a center for safe driving, daily driving highly specialized in techniques aimed at improving safety and performance through controlling eye movements (called “saccadici” movements) and visual targets.

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Hit the track with your car or motorbike. Consult the autodrome calendar and book your sporting experience Consult the website for different recreational activities on two or four wheels.

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The training actvities clearly bring out Modena’s identity. A place that bases its training schemes on the theme of safe and sustainable mobility, because civil coexistence on the road is synonymous with responsibility and must be recognized by everyone, implemented by adults and transmitted to the younger generation.

Safe Driving Center

The Modrive safe driving courses at the Modena racetrack offer oculo-visual training developed and tested by Professor Guidetti. Through exercises designed and developed following this perspective, the students’ techniques are tested both before and after the course, after completeling a totally innovative part of the course on controlling saccadic movements.

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“Science and technology for a safe car” Workshop

The workshop, curated by Achille Lodovisi and Alex Scardina, provides the study and design of a safe car model, through the experience gained with a car-laboratory at the racetrack itself, the KTM-X BOW.

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