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Safe Driving Course

Motor Valley Event

Safe driving courses dedicated to anyone who wants to improve their driving safety, from those who drives for many kilometers a year to those who simply want to feel safer.

Price: €775 + VAT


The exercises carried out in Safe Driving Courses are:

Correct driving setting

First session of track laps, with practical application of the concepts previously presented in theory.

Miniskid car

Mechanical device that causes a rear skid at low speed, to be controlled with the correct use of the steering and of the throttle.

Emergency braking with avoidance of sudden obstacle

Emergency braking simulation on artificially wet roads. A luminous device determines the sudden and casual need to dodge an obstacle and special photocells detect the passage speed near the starting point of braking.

Driving on the track with Driver-Instructor on board

Track laps sessions to increase in-depth analysis of individual driving techniques: setting of curve trajectories, braking modulation, use of accelerator, correct exploitation of engine torque-power.

GT Track

Track set up on a partially wet surface and with low grip areas, to experiment and enhance the active safety systems present on the cars, and learn their correct management.

N.B. programs may vary according to the number of participants and the period of the year.

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