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Scuderia de Adamich

Speed, control, adrenaline …

A compelling story that has been running on four wheels for over thirty years, from the Formula 1 tracks to the circuits of the Varano de ’Melegari circuit, the permanent HQ of Scuderia de Adamich.

Scuderia de Adamich realizes Safe and Sports Driving Courses and corporate events related to the automotive industry, in a historic relationship of collaboration and partnership with Stellantis and its brands.

Born in 1991 from the passion of a racing man such as the former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich, Scuderia de Adamich still operates under his direction in the field of road safety training, and combines the highest standards of professionalism and safety with the adrenaline of driving high performance cars.

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Sports and Security

Driving courses for all levels

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The Courses

Each Driving Course, whether it is Safe Driving, Advanced Driving, Sports Driving, and which is dedicated to individuals or which is a corporate event, represents our “product”: to organize and implement it we put all our experience and passion, so as to offer participants an unforgettable experience.

In all cases it is a Course that achieves its objective, by improving the vehicle’s control capabilities, simulating the situations of “negative driving”, that is controlling the car in an emergency, and practicing “Positive Driving ”, learning through driving on the track to prevent critical situations. Safe Driving Courses are an engaging experience: a formative and dynamic path, complete and rewarding. Sports Driving Courses are a unique experience, which leaves its mark, where the car’s behavior is brought to the limit, but without ever forgetting the quality and safety of driving.

A Safe Driving Course is nothing less than this. In our opinion.

Since 1991 Scuderia de Adamich has developed its Courses program. Thanks to the immediate success of the activity with Alfa Romeo, in 1993 Ferrari entrusted Scuderia de Adamich with the technical management of its sports driving courses (Pilota Ferrari) reserved for customers, as well as test drives, product presentations, training at the helm of the sales network, internationally.

Since 1998, Scuderia de Adamich has also been organizing test drives and driving courses (Master Maserati) on behalf of Maserati, aimed at both owners and potential customers.

The Center offers companies and institutions dedicated course formulas:

  • Courses aimed at incentives and team building, in an exclusive and iconic environment such as a racetrack.
  • Courses and training proposals tailored for companies that dedicate resources to improving the driving quality of their customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators.

180 days of courses, 4,000 participants each year, a racetrack at exclusive availability of participants and a team with the best Driver-Instructors, make Scuderia de Adamich a leading structure in Europe.

The Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura Courses

Safe Driving Courses

Safe driving courses dedicated to anyone who wants to improve their driving safety, from those who drives for many kilometers a year to those who simply want to feel safer.


Evolved Driving Courses

Our standard: a Driving Course suitable for everyone, with a fun and involvement component given by the combination of ranking and final award ceremony combined with dynamic exercises, where, always in total safety, participants will have the opportunity to measure each other.


Sport Driving Courses

Due to its characteristics, these sports driving courses are recommended to those who have already participated in other driving courses in the past, of which they represent the ideal complement, but are still suitable for everyone.


Advanced Driving Courses

A super-complete 2-day course, which includes all the components of the 1-day Safe, Evolved and Sport Driving Courses. In short, the best in the panorama of circuit driving courses!


Master Maserati

Enter the cockpit, grip the steering wheel and prepare to overtake your limits. Experience the sensation of driving the most powerful Maserati sports cars in their natural habitat: the circuit. You know they can blaze past 100km/h in 3 seconds, but now it’s your turn to master the art of speed. Achieve maximum acceleration and grip from the start line, in and out of every corner. See what racing-engineered braking is meant to feel like, and let our professionals teach you all the secrets to becoming a true Maserati Master.

Master Maserati 2021

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Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura Courses

The Safe Driving Courses are an exciting experience: an educational and dynamic, complete and gratifying journey that leaves its mark.It is a training offer that requires professionalism, expertise and adequate and dedicated facilities, with qualified programs and instructors.

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