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Motor Valley Activities

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Specialized Master in Racing Motor Engineering

The Datagest Professional Master in Racing Motorcycle Engineering offers the most advanced and specialized know-how in the design and development of racing bikes.

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“Science and technology for a safe car” Workshop

The workshop, curated by Achille Lodovisi and Alex Scardina, provides the study and design of a safe car model, through the experience gained with a car-laboratory at the racetrack itself, the KTM-X BOW.

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Dallara Educational Labs

The Dallara Academy dedicates particular attention to the younger generation. In fact, an entire are at the ground floor is dedicated to educational labs.

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Fisica in Moto Laboratory

An interactive experience where principles of physics can be put into practice. An educational experience that connects companies and schools. A unique activity that brings students in contact with one of the most important motorcycling organizations in the world.

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Francesco Baracca Museum guided tour

The Francesco Baracca Museum aims to spread the acquired knowledge, with particular reference to the historical-military, artistic and cultural heritage present in its collections.

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