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Bugatti sotto le stelle

Motor Valley Event

In the historic square of the city that saw the birth of the Bugatti Eb110, there will be screened the documentary film "La Fabbrica Blu" (The Blue Factory), a full-length film that tells the story of "Bugatti Automobili S.P.A." through interviews and historical images and videos. During the event, there will be a round table discussion with local institutions and former employees of the Bugatti Automobili of Campogalliano, where they will tell anecdotes and curiosities about the history of the Italian parenthesis of the Bugatti brand. Present at the event there will be a very rare Eb110 that you will be able to admire in all its beauty and there will be more surprises. The host of the evening will be Alessandro Lago, journalist and director of Motor1, partner of the evening. The event is free entry subject to seating availability - booking is recommended by e-mail at .
Piazza Castello, Campo Galliano (MO)