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Enrico Loccioni

Enrico Loccioni

Entrepreneur – President Loccioni

Enrico Loccioni was born in 1949 in the Ancona hinterland of a farmer’s family. In 1968 he starts from scratch, with his wife Graziella Rebichini, a small electrical plant engineering business. Working by projects for big industries, soon he collects the challenge of total quality control and develops, first in the world, automatic test systems for products and processes. From the very beginning the enterprise model is the knowledge-based company: managerial culture, innovation and internationalization. Together with his children Maria Cristina and Claudio, today he leads a company that is a world leader in measure and testing systems for quality control and sustainability. Customers are the top players in their markets, from automotive, to household appliances, from aerospace to energy, from medical to agri-food. With installations in over 40 countries around the world and offices in America, Germany and Asia, the Loccioni mission is measuring to improve the well-being of people and the planet. In Loccioni people are the greatest value. From the very beginning, Enrico Loccioni has cultivated and innovated the relationship with schools of all types and levels. The school is the source of ideas and fresh energy, the company is the laboratory for schools and universities, training young talents. For Enrico Loccioni there is no company without a territory and there is no territory without a company. He imagined and developed projects for the future, anticipating the scopes of the ecological transition. The Leaf Community is the first eco-sustainable micro-grid in Italy: a smart electric grid that powers the Loccioni labs with renewable energy. With “2km di futuro” the company requalified and made safe an entire section of the Esino river adjacent to the Loccioni labs, which from a threat is transformed into an energy and beauty source. The San Clemente Valley is another public-private project of Rural Innovation that wants to revitalize an entire valley, near the company, through regenerative agriculture, technological innovation and people network. Always passionate about motors, Enrico Loccioni has been supporting the biggest names in the automotive industry since the 1970s with test systems for car components. In the last decade he has created the Kite Lab - Knowledge Intensive Testing Environment - test rooms dedicated to car manufacturers, able to anticipate their testing needs and support the development of their innovative products. Among the several awards, Enrico Loccioni received the H.C degree in innovation technologies from the University of Camerino, the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award, the Environment Friendly Innovation Award, the Olivetti Entrepreneur Award, the National Award for Innovation, the appointment as Cavaliere del Lavoro of the Italian Republic.



Moderator: Enzo Argante, Il Sole 24 Ore

There is perhaps one word in recent years that has become more famous in the automotive and mobility industry than “electric”: the word is “sustainability”. The issue is clearly much broader than that and affects, without exception, all activities that affect businesses and individuals. We must combat environmental and social degradation, and do so with a set of organizations, methods and
processes that are robust and traceable.

Fireplace talk

- Enrico Loccioni, President Loccioni
- Luigi Nicolais, Professor Emeritus Università Federico II di Napoli; President Materias


- Teodoro Lio, Consumer & Manufacturing Industries Lead Italy, Central Europe and Greece, Accenture

- Camilla Speriani, Founder Collectibus

- Lino Mondino, Research and Development Manager, Adler Group

- Adriana Santanocito, CEO & Founder OHOSKIN

- Simona Dell'Utri, CEO & Founder Bevalory SIAVS