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Ohoskin is the startup that created and patented a Sicilian orange and cactus-based coated textile. Launched in 2019, the startup has designed its material to offer luxury brands in the fashion, furniture, and automotive industries a vegan and sustainable alternative to leather. To create its textile material, Ohoskin reuses tons of byproducts of oranges and cacti that the agricultural and cosmetic industries produce yearly in Sicily. It transforms them into a high-quality, bio-based material through a virtuous circular economy process. Since day one, Ohoskin has committed to being transparent in communicating its product, supply chain, production, and R&D efforts to improve its material. The main goal of Ohoskin has always been to reduce its impact and create the most sustainable product possible without giving up on quality or industrial scalability. Now Ohoskin is the first 100% bio-based and non-fossil leather alternative. Thanks to a new recipe with recycled plastics and organic components, it reduces the carbon footprint and extends the product’s life cycle.

For a luxury that benefits all: the animals, the economy, and the planet.

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