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Motor Valley Activities

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Driving school

Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura Courses

The Safe Driving Courses are an exciting experience: an educational and dynamic, complete and gratifying journey that leaves its mark.It is a training offer that requires professionalism, expertise and adequate and dedicated facilities, with qualified programs and instructors.

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GuidarePilotare Courses

Guidare Pilotare started as a safe driving school in 1982: the first in Italy. Since 1999 the school has offered also courses for motorbikes and since 2005, for commercial vehicles. Since 2009, the school has become the DAF official school and since 2013 BMW Motorrad official school. Since 2014 it has run BMW Driving experience.

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Lamborghini Accademia

The Lamborghini Accademia is based on a simple principle: The best way to learn is to practice.
This is why the goal of the Accademia is for its learners to spend as much time as possible behind the wheel, both on the track and on ice and snow.

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Iscriviti all’esclusiva scuola guida Ducati. Adatta a chi vuole migliorare la propria guida su strada, a chi vuole vivere il brivido della pista o vivere l’avventura in sella a una moto da enduro. Ducati Riding Experience è il programma di corsi di guida più completo della Motor Valley.

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Master Maserati

To really enjoy every moment at the wheel you need to know the car, learn how to handle it in every situation, snatch up every drop of adrenaline that it is able to offer: this is where the Master Maserati courses come in.

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