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Celestino Srls

Celestine’s vision. The world is made of drops. Every minute a dripping tap can lose 90 drops, equal to 4,000 liters in a year, while 8/10 liters of water can come out of an open tap. Everyone has the responsibility not to waste the planet’s water. Water is a resource that is scarcely available and unequally distributed. We must be aware of our waste.

The mission is to sensitize the consciences of families and consumers: to contribute to the reduction of waste even in every daily activity and with a little effort. In fact, to face the water crisis it is necessary to rethink a new model of sustainable water management, able to combine sustainability, innovation and active participation of consumers. However, these solutions must be put into a system, accompanied by a cultural change and information and awareness campaigns to improve water management policies and therefore water saving. With Celestino, the conscience of the individual consumer is stimulated by the immediate perception that the device immediately transmits with the opening of the tap and the counting of the volumes indicated on the display.

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