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Teodoro Lio

Teodoro Lio

Accenture, Consumer & Manufacturing Industries Lead

Teodoro Lio is responsible for the Consumer & Manufacturing Industries at Accenture - a grouping that includes key sectors for the economy of our country: from consumer products to retail, from infrastructure and transport to pharmaceuticals, from automotive to heavy industry.
The new role sees him at the head of the geographic region that includes Italy, Central and Eastern Europe - and joins the role of European head of Automotive and Mobility, a role he has held since 2018.
In Accenture since 2001, Lio has worked closely with the largest key players on the national and international scene of the industry, focusing on the creation of value through technology and digital transformation, with a strong focus on innovation and the enhancement of the spirit. of entrepreneurship.
Over the years he has launched and led complex transformation programs related to the connected product, the transformation from product to service and interaction with the consumer on digital channels - also working in close collaboration with global technological partners.
He is currently particularly committed to supporting supply chains in the transformation towards sustainability - helping customers in different sectors to seize business opportunities related to the energy transition.
Lio in particular has acquired considerable international experience, gained through a long stay in Asia, between China and ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) and direct responsibilities in Europe, the United States and Brazil - a path that gave him a perspective global focus on the perspectives of corporations and the challenges related to complex and multicultural realities.
He has a degree in Economics from the University of Turin. Teodoro Lio is married, has two children, passionate about sailing and travel.



The acceleration toward digitalization implies the revision of processes involving the entire chain. Cybersecurity, data fog, data ownership, privacy, and AI are revolutionizing the world as we know it, to the point of generating new needs in terms of products and technologies, as well as developing new consumer behaviors. The metaverse further accelerates this process. Consumers are more aware of environmental and other sustainability-related issues, an issue to which more and more attention is being shifted when making purchasing decisions. The digitization of data, interchanges, and the use of digital twins for process efficiency make a real contribution to reducing the environmental impact of any production process. 

Moderator: Fabio De Rossi, Vicedirettore 


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