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Simona Dell’Utri

Simona Dell’Utri

CEO & Founder Bevalory

Social entrepreneur, new innovative business developer, marketing and communication expert and CEO & Founder of BEVALORY, a socially oriented EdTech start-up.


16:00 | 17:30 - ESG & TALENTS

Moderators: Pierluigi Bonora, Il Giornale & Simona Dell'Utri, CEO e Founder BEVALORY

The automotive industry is moving toward an increasingly digital, connected, autonomous and green future thanks to new technologies and innovations in the world of products and services. The industry will employ a growing number of highly skilled professionals, with an ever-increasing demand for vertical skills. 
The automotive world needs skills which today are in short supply at all levels. The number of young people embarking on a degree program is steadily decreasing, and fewer and fewer are completing the degree. With the arrival of the virtual world, there is an additional need for very specific skills involving technologies to provide the product and service.  
We must also consider the emergence of major social phenomena, such as war and the energy crisis, that have convinced many people to review their work-life balance pacts with companies. How to engage, incentivize, and stimulate new talent in the specific field? How to train them for actual Market (STEM) needs. 


  • Andrea Pontremoli, CEO Dallara 
  • Enrico Loccioni, Founder Loccioni 



  • Francesco Leali, Prof. Ordinario di Ingegneria UNIMORE / MUNER 
  • Michele Antoniazzi, Chief Human Resources Officer Ferrari
  • Ampelio Corrado Ventura, Sicily Human Resources Director STMicroelectronics
  • Luigi Torlai, Adjunct Professor Human Resources Development; HPE Group HR Director
  • Alberto Ferrarotto, Head of Learning, Development & Talent Acquisition Automobili Lamborghini