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Lino Mondino

Lino Mondino

CTO, Adler Group

Lino MONDINO is the CTO of the Adler Group. Adler Group was founded in Italy in 1956, today it is present in 23 countries with more than 100 sites, having 15,000 employees, a turnover that is reaching € 2 billion, has 14 Research and Development Centers, more than 200 Patents and invests 4% of net revenue in innovation. Lino Mondino has dedicated his career almost exclusively to the Automotive business in the areas of Innovation, Product Development and Process Development. The main areas he worked on have been structural and non-structural composite materials, innovative solutions for BIW components, solutions for interiors and  for acoustic and thermal comfort. Innovation has always been the main driver of his activities, consequently he has had the opportunity to collaborate with many Universities and Research Centers in every country where the automotive business is present. He has had as well several experiences in Research Programs with partners from the Academic and Industrial world, often coming from different countries. Recently he is leading  various programs with Customers and Partners having Sustainability as a strategic objective.



Moderator: Enzo Argante, Il Sole 24 Ore

There is perhaps one word in recent years that has become more famous in the automotive and mobility industry than “electric”: the word is “sustainability”. The issue is clearly much broader than that and affects, without exception, all activities that affect businesses and individuals. We must combat environmental and social degradation, and do so with a set of organizations, methods and
processes that are robust and traceable.

Fireplace talk

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- Lino Mondino, Research and Development Manager, Adler Group

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