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Gianfranco Fenocchio

Gianfranco Fenocchio

General Manager presso Bosch Engineering GmbH Italia

After graduating from Turin Polytechnic with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Land Vehicles, and experience in FIAT Research Center and Pininfarina, I joined Bosch in 2006 in the Diesel Systems division as an applicator. I was immediately involved in the development of the first Diesel 1.6l Euro5 and then took responsibility for the calibration of the 2.0l Euro5 project for Bosch. In the following years I moved to LCV projects as a resident at FPT Industrial, taking responsibility first for the light-duty application team, and then, back to FCA projects, for the application of all the group's engines, in Bosch's Powertrain Solutions division. Since 2018 I have been with Bosch Engineering Italy, first as sales manager and then as general manager. Bosch has always given me the opportunity to do the job I wanted in the best possible conditions, first as an applicator, allowing me to manage and learn every aspect of powertrain, then with an often exhilarating experience in sales of the whole of Bosch's endless portfolio in the field of mobility


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• Gianfranco Fenocchio - General Manager presso Bosch Engineering GmbH Italia
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