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Francesco Toso

Francesco Toso


Francesco Toso was born in Florence, and he is the CEO & CO-Founder of NEWTWEN, a start-up founded in
Padua in 2020 which provides software that generates real-time embedded digital twin solutions of
physical systems for model predictive control and diagnostics of electromechanical systems.
Prior to founding NEWTWEN, he graduated in Electrical Power Engineering and completed a PhD in
Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua, with a focus on electrical drives and model predictive
controls applied to power electronics. He also earned an Executive MBA in Business Innovation at MIB
Trieste School of Management.
His technical background combined with knowledge in business innovation provides him with the right mix
needed to start with an idea that solves a market problem and scale-up the business with proper execution.



The acceleration toward digitalization implies the revision of processes involving the entire chain. Cybersecurity, data fog, data ownership, privacy, and AI are revolutionizing the world as we know it, to the point of generating new needs in terms of products and technologies, as well as developing new consumer behaviors. The metaverse further accelerates this process. Consumers are more aware of environmental and other sustainability-related issues, an issue to which more and more attention is being shifted when making purchasing decisions. The digitization of data, interchanges, and the use of digital twins for process efficiency make a real contribution to reducing the environmental impact of any production process. 

Moderator: Fabio De Rossi, Vicedirettore 


  • Juergen Reers, Accenture, Global Automotive Lead
  • Stefano Marzani, Worldwide Tech Leader, Software-Defined Vehicles AWS
  • Giuseppe Rosso, VP Business Development, Automotive at Qualcomm Technologies 



  • Piepaolo Tamma, Chief Digital Officer Pirelli 
  • Rolando D’Arco, CEO Leasys
  • Francesco Toso, CEO NEWTWEN 
  • Claudio Arlandini, Project Manager HPC for Industry Cineca 
  • Giuseppe Faranda, CEO Drivesec
  • Teodoro Lio, Accenture, Consumer & Manufacturing Industries Lead