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David Giudici

David Giudici


Journalist, born in Milan 50 years ago, David Giudici started writing for the most authorative motoring magazines in the 90s, was a trainee at in 2000, followed by a long period in Aci Mondadori and the direction of GenteMotori where he launched GenteMotori Classic. In 2014, he was called by Editoriale Domus for managing Ruoteclassiche and soon after for the italian edition of TopGear. In 2018 he launched the bimonthly Youngtimer and in 2019 the new quarterly lifestyle AutoItaliana. He owns some classic motoring stuffs and, as soon as he can, he escapes to the ligurian see for finding inspiration and new ideas.


14:30 | 16:00 - RESTOMOD

Moderator : David Giudici, Ruoteclassiche



- Max Banks, GTA-R Development Director

- Luca Betti, Founder Kimera Automobili

- Carlo Borromeo, Director BorromeoDeSilva

- Riccardo Quaggio, Totem Automobili

- Tomaso Trussardi, President Trussardi