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Dario Donato

Dario Donato

Journalist Mediaset TGCOM24

Professional journalist. TV presenter, now in Mediaset TGCOM24 newsroom. He mainly deals with economics, finance and politics. He hosts "Zero Virgola", an in-depth programme featuring the protagonists of the world of economics, including academics, politicians and top managers. He coordinates TGCOMLAB, an area of the TGCOM24 website dedicated to entrepreneurship and finance.
For over a year, he has been touring Italy with the TGCOMTOUR project which, starting from the challenges posed by the PNRR, sits ministers, entrepreneurs and rectors of the most important Italian universities around the same table to discuss the country's economic future.
He has hosted Pressing on Italia Uno and Serie A previews and postponements on Mediaset Premium.
At the age of 24, he joined the multimedia editorial staff of RCS- and was subsequently a TV presenter at Class CNBC for eight years, also writing for MF Milanofinanza, Class and Capital.



Moderator: Dario Donato, Journalist Mediaset TGCOM 24

The impact of the war in Ukraine, the commodity crisis, and the pandemic have shown how it is necessary for companies in the industry to invest in technology, data analytics, but also in the evolution of the supply chain in terms of technology that can provide predictive analysis as well as timely resolutions to disruptions in the chain. The first mission of the NRP includes investments in innovation and digitization. In this context, "Transition 4.0" is also defined, consisting of a plan of incentives implemented through tax credits that will cover research and development activities but also in innovative technologies and digital skills in the private sector. What role does open innovation play in this context? How do large companies interpret these phenomena and how do they capitalize on them? 

In the last 12 months we have seen the tech market lose a lot of value (Tesla -50%, Google -25%, Twitter ?...), linked on the one hand to the geopolitical situation, on the other hand to the recession (due to inflation, cost of finance, scarcer capital, decline in valuations, M&A activity, decline in availability of capital for Open Innovation). 


  • Regina Savage, Managing Director Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking Division  
  • Stefano Molino, Responsible accelerator fund - CDP Venture Capital 



  • Enrico Chiapparoli, CEO Barclays Italy, Head of Banking Italy and Central Eastern Europe Former Head of Automotive EMEA 
  • Davide Turco, co-founder & CEO Indaco Venture Partners SGR
  • Enrico Dente, MVA Director
  • Giovanni Revoltella, CEO Dbag Italia 
  • Giusy Stanziola, Start Lab & Development Programs UniCredit
  • Federico Boni, Head of IT Automobili Lamborghini