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Cecile Pera

Cecile Pera

Founder and Director of Orovel

After a PhD in Combustion in the CORIA laboratory at INSA / University of Rouen in France, Cecile Pera joined IFP Energies nouvelles in Paris where she worked from upstream research on combustion to industrial engine development. Most of her activity was dedicated to novel combustion concepts and Fuel/Engine matching (including commercial, racing, and renewable Fuels). Her research led to a methodology to take into account real fuel complex chemistry in CFD software by tabulation approaches.

In 2015, she joined Infineum in England, a Joint Venture between ExxonMobil and Shell. Infineum develops, formulates and manufactures lubricants for Automotive applications. Performance Testing Leader, she was supporting and delivering proof of in-engine performance to key customers. She developed several Engine tests and has been working on a large spectrum of Engine issues such as cleanliness (turbocharger and piston deposits, sludge); wear; scuffing; superknock and LSPI; after-treatment (SCR, GPF, DPF).

In 2018, she became Business Development / Key account at Convergent Science, mainly for French and German customers. She actively promoted the software CONVERGE CFD thanks to her strong technical knowledge and high visibility on LinkedIn.

In her career, Cecile has managed multi-million portfolio projects with numerous customers and partners: OEMs (Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, PSA, GM, Maruti, MAN, etc.), Tier One Suppliers (Continental, MAHLE, etc.), Engine Labs (AVL, FEV, APL, SwRI, CERTAM, BOSMAL, etc.) and Petroleum companies (Shell, Exxon, Total, etc.) as well as Universities all over the world. She dealt with complex research programs from the technical design to the responsibility of delivery including quotation, cost, stewardship, customer interface and communication. These research programs involved advanced CFD and modelling as well as advanced diagnostics (Telemetry techniques supported by 3D printing, radio-activity tracer, optical diagnostics).

As customers’ support, she has developed a unique knowledge of current and future Powertrain development, including in electrification. She has been invited as an expert in several Engine Labs, Petroleum companies, OEMs and Tier One Suppliers, as a Keynote speaker in international Engine Conferences as well as a lecturer at Universities.

Cecile has 21 articles in peer-review journals, over 30 works in international congresses, and a patent. Her work, as captured by Google Scholar, includes over 960 citations and her H-index is 17.



In recent years, phenomena of great social, economic, financial, and political impact (such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, etc.) have prompted the global community to make efforts to address the issue of global warming (but more generally the issue of sustainability in terms of ESG). A very ambitious program with a clear goal of 0 impact in terms of CO2 by 2050. Europe has defined a total fadeout of internal combustion vehicles at 2035. With several manufacturers further advancing the timetable. We will ask whether these targets, considering the changes taking place, are still achievable and how. 

Moderator: Alessandro Lago, Director


  • Cecile Pera, Founder and Director of Orovel
  • Mate Rimac, Founder RIMAC*



  • Giulio Lancellotti, Manager Globally Responsible for Software and Services Bosch 
  • Alberto Scaglione, Managing Director Automotive, Accenture
  • Alberto Stecca, CEO & Co-Founder Silla Industries 
  • Federico Vitali, Knight of Labour, Founder of the FAAM brand and Vice-President FIB S.p.A
  • Marco Gay, President Digital Magics 
  • Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside
  • Andrea Airale, Founder BeonD
  • Davide Danesin, Maserati GT Program Chief Vehicle Engineer