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Carlo Iacovini

Carlo Iacovini

General Manager Energica Inside

Carlo is an international executive with strong background in public and private businesses at the forefront of mobility (electric, shared, autonomous) dealing with start-up or premium mobility brands.

He is General Manager of Energica Inside since January 2022 while in the past 5 years he served as General Manager for Local Motors, US headquarter company at the forefront of autonomous mobility industry.

Partner and Board Member of Clickutility On Earth since 2012 he has been working on car2go, mytaxi and other new mobility brands launch to Italian market with a deep understanding of international and local framework.

Deep knowledge in the EV industry, both on products (vehicles) and infrastructure charging networks operations, his International accomplishments include the EV Charging infrastructure through a strategic project to guide Sterling&Wilson (Indian corporation) to build their whole business in the country.

He was already part of Energica team in the past serving as marketing director in the early stage of the company. Before that he spent 10 years dealing with public institutions on a local, national and European level, being founder and chairman of Euromobility international Ngo of mobility managers and scientific coordinator of Move international observatory created by Fia foundation.



In recent years, phenomena of great social, economic, financial, and political impact (such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, etc.) have prompted the global community to make efforts to address the issue of global warming (but more generally the issue of sustainability in terms of ESG). A very ambitious program with a clear goal of 0 impact in terms of CO2 by 2050. Europe has defined a total fadeout of internal combustion vehicles at 2035. With several manufacturers further advancing the timetable. We will ask whether these targets, considering the changes taking place, are still achievable and how. 

Moderator: Alessandro Lago, Director


  • Cecile Pera, Founder and Director of Orovel
  • Mate Rimac, Founder RIMAC*



  • Giulio Lancellotti, Manager Globally Responsible for Software and Services Bosch 
  • Alberto Scaglione, Managing Director Automotive, Accenture
  • Alberto Stecca, CEO & Co-Founder Silla Industries 
  • Federico Vitali, Knight of Labour, Founder of the FAAM brand and Vice-President FIB S.p.A
  • Marco Gay, President Digital Magics 
  • Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside
  • Andrea Airale, Founder BeonD
  • Davide Danesin, Maserati GT Program Chief Vehicle Engineer