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Performanceology’s first product, Simboostr is a virtual race engineer software that gives automated and customized feedback to the sim racers, according to their data.

Our mission is to open up a new dimension in the market for additional services used for simracing by providing users with all the personalized advice and information they need to improve themselves at any time.

There are more than 50M people, who play different racing simulator games. But we target the users, who want to develop themselves, run faster laptimes, and achieve better race results.

Our business model is that we will provide our software in multiple pricing plans with different features.

We have a 5-member founder team and most of the key competencies, like software development, data analysis, race engineering and marketing are in-house. We have already worked together in a Formula Student team for many years and we also collected experience after the university, in different industries.

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