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Novac is a tech company working on a B2B activity, with a focus on energy storage devices. The internal know-how developed in the last 3 years brought the company to high standards in the field of innovative materials for energy storage devices, in particular supercapacitors, a kind of product that has to be coupled with batteries to create an hybrid pack that ensures an enhanced life, a weight and volume reduction and increased operative conditions. The innovations developed by Novac has already been protected with two european patents; these patents cover the materials and the production processes to produce them. The innovative aspect of these materials is the very high energy density, cost reduction and the production scalability, which could revolutionize various fields of application in the energy field. Thanks to this innovations, Novac is working on the next generation of  supercapacitors, which will be all-solid-state, in comparison to the liquid ones that can be found today in the market. Novac also has an electronic division that works on the coupling and management of supercapacitors with batteries, since this is the main reason of the implementation difficulties of this kind of devices.
The company also offers consultancy services both in the fields of energy management systems and materials characterization. The market of Novac’s products is very broad; the materials developed internally can be sold to companies that produce energy storage devices (batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, ..), while the supercapacitor cells can be sold to several markets such as automotive, micro-mobility, aerospace and stationary applications. Today Novac is composed by the 4 founders and 2 employees, creating an interdisciplinary team.
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