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1. MAT3D was founded in 2017 as Startup and joint spin-off focused on designing and manufacturing advanced 3D printing materials with unique attributes and high performances for bespoke applications in multiple industries. Ranked Top 4 innovating startups in Industry 4.0 by StartusInsights and listed Impact Startup working toward solving UNSDGs by Dealroom. MAT3D develops polymeric READY-TO-USE materials to boost Additive Manufacturing in the production processes with internal R&D and deep knowledge on applications. 2. Today, MAT3D has a PRODUCT PORTFOLIO of RESIN-BASED TECHNOLOGIES suitable for the printing technologies VAT and Jetting. Products ready-to-market are: HTM 3D metal-like resin for high temperature, Flexa 3D, 3DPLUS, 3D CAST, 3D PLUS Transparent, HTM 3D Transparent. Products in pipeline: HTM 3D platform-resin filled with graphene, ceramic, metal, magnetic, conductive and shape-memory, and bio-based resins. 3. To scale-up and growth MAT3D is looking for Industrial Partners while the first seed round is expected by 2021. Team leaders are Chiara Manicardi and Giampaolo Melli.