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Inesse Corporation

The story of Inesse begins when Marco Sgalaberni, a former Formula 1 engineer, decided to propose to the Technopolo Nautico of Ravenna, through the University of Bologna, the realization on paper of a project for a motorboat with foils. It was in fact from the intuition of combining three fundamental elements that the idea was born:

  1. offer an innovative product to the recreational yacht market, also in terms of performance without compromising with comfort 2. combine the use of foils – until then used only in the sailing sport field – on a motor yacht 3. apply the advanced electronics controls that are used in F1 on a boat to manage the foil system

Once verified the feasibility of the project from the technical point of view, Marco quitted his previous job and started to dedicate full time to the new entrepreneurial venture, founding Inesse in January 2016. Thanks to the capitals raised by the CEO, since then the startup started growing and enriching itself with professionals working in the nautical engineering, electronic automation and design industries that carried on the project and made it real, through the collaboration of specialised suppliers.

As mentioned, the driving principle was to create an innovative motor yacht with four foils, that could reach very high performances (above 50 knots), without compromises with comfort and safety. Superfoils15 (SF15), as it was named, was designed to be the largest motorboat equipped with foils and so the project design had to start from scratch, as there were not similar solutions on the market at the time. In addition to the use of composite materials and high end finishing details, it has been made a wide use of electronic controls and softwares connected to sea and weather sensors, echo sounders and GPS, which are able to provide various information and allow to “fly” only when considered safe.

The foils are engineered and produced by Dallara Compositi (click to see the production process), in order to ensure the highest level of quality. The four foils automatically allow SF15 to lift up from the water’s surface and sail over the waves. As a result the passengers experience a new way of cruising, in complete comfort at high speed. The investments on technology have been consistent, and thanks to the foiling system the boat can reach 52 knots, while consumption is reduced by up to 50%.

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