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Go Zero Car

The current form of private transport is unsustainable, and the idea of mere electrification is an illusion. The need for private transport will remain, but it will only be sustainable with a more radical alternative. We are working on a small (L7), simple, cheap solution vehicle that will preserve the possibility of individual mobility for many people in the face of increasing environmental pressures and rising raw material prices. Introducing our dream team – a collective of exceptional individuals each with unique skill sets and experiences. Our ex-Mercedes designer brings an eye for sleek, modern aesthetics, while our product-market fit specialist ensures that our offering is tailored to meet the needs of the market. Our savvy salesperson knows how to get our product in the hands of those who need it, and our accomplished mobility engineer ensures that the technology behind our product is top-notch. And finally, our seasoned entrepreneur brings a wealth of experience and leadership to guide us to success. Together, we’re ready to take on our next challenge – introducing a minimalist L7 designed specifically for car sharing, with a market entry strategy that will put us ahead of the competition. Let’s hit the road!

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