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Collezione dell'Automobile Bandini

Bandini was an Italian car company founded in 1946 and closed on the 12th of April 1992 due to the death of its owner engineer Ilario Bandini. The company produced just 75 cars, all handcrafted and built for competitive purposes. Each model was very different, making each piece extremely unique. Bandini’s family own all the cars built by Ilario Bandini. The collection is in fact curated by the “Registro Storico Bandini” (Bandini Historial Register)
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Bandini collection is located in via del Braldo 80, Rovere (FC).

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday mornings booking required on +39 0543 67448

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The collection

On the premises where the last Ilario cars were built and restored, there is:

  • The 750 Siluro Sport 1950 “cycle fender” (with motorcycle type mudguards) with Motto body and Bandini 750 engine;
  • the 750 Sport Siluro of 1953 with the Bandini chassis, engine and body, the 750 race (Formula 3) of 1954 with the Bandini chassis, engine and body (preserved).

  • The 750 GT from 1955 with Bandini chassis and engine, Zagato body (single exemplar);
  • the 750 Sport Siluro from 1956 with the Bandini chassis, engine and body;
  • two 750 “Sons” International Sports of 1956 and 1957 with the Bandini chassis, engine and body;
  • the F. Junior of the 1960 unique model with independent rear suspension, chassis, body Bandini, engine Fiat 1,100 / 103 processed.

  • The Sport 1000 from1966 with chassis, engine and Bandini body (preserved), the Sport Prototype 1000 V from 1970 with chassis, engine, Bandini body (preserved);
  • the Sport Prototype 1,300 of 1980 with frame, body, 1,300 cm3 engine with 16 valves Bandini injection;
  • the Berlinetta 1000 Turbo with chassis, body, 1000 cm3 engine with 16 valves Badini injection, from 1992, the last 16-valve Bandini engine.

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